Flying White — The Eastern Hegenbarth (Vol.6)

Flying White (I) — Eastern Hegenbarth

The Draftsman Josef Hegenbarth and the Chinese Painting

For the first time, evidence has been collated that places Hegenbarth clearly within the orbit of the East Asian art tradition. Techniques and effects comparable to Chinese ink painting can often be found in Hegenbarth's brush drawings.

Eleven masterpieces from China are juxtaposed with eleven by Hegenbarth, in chronological order. In this way, the continuous development as well as the similarities and differences of both traditions become obvious.

Uta Rahman-Steinert, Museum for Asian Art/ National Museums of Berlin 
Christopher Breu and Katja Schöppe-Carstensen, Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin

73 pages, formate: 21,5 × 27,3 cm
all exhibited masterpieces are imaged in colour and b/w

all texts in German and English

Publications of the Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin
Herr Hegenbarth's Discoveries, Vol.6
Editors: Jutta und Christopher Breu

ISBN 978-3-945970-06-5
26,— Euro & pp