Josef Hegenbarth’s Palette (Vol.1)

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Josef Hegenbarths Palette

Facets of a Life's Work

The book accompanying the the exhibition of the same title shows a representative selection of the drawing oeuvre of the artist Josef Hegenbarth (1884—1962). Inserted literary miniatures complement the four main circles of his themes and motifs.

In his essay, the art historian Bernhard Maaz composes the artist's major features into a vivid portrait.
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The Palette — Josef Hegenbarth's themes in selected drawings:

Words defining the world
Scenes of everyday life
Man and animal

„Facets of a Life’s Work“

Essay by Bernhard Maaz (German/English)

Literary Miniatures

by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Wilhelm Hauff, Christian Morgenstern, Friedrich Schiller, Wolfdietrich Schnurre, Kurt Tucholsky e.a. (in German)


Biographical notes and selected literature

Book Details

96 pages, all in colour, thread stitching
size: 21,5 x 16 cm
48 illustrations, mostly full-page

Publication series „Herrn Hegenbarths Entdeckungen“ („Herr Hegenbarth's Discoveries“) of the Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin, Vol. 1

Editors: Jutta and Christopher Breu

ISBN 978-3-945970-00-3
16,— Euro + p.p.