The Event

Corinne Laroche, Point et empreinte 17.04.2018, 2018, Filztstift auf Löschpapier,
46 × 46 cm, © Corinne Laroche

Flying White (IV)

Get to the Point!

23. January 2019    19:00 — 21:00 


Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin
Nürnberger Straße 49
10789 Berlin

Herr Hegenbarth would like to invite you
to the exhibition opening
on Wednesday, 23.January 2019 (19—21 Uhr)

Corinne Laroche is attending.
The collection is barrier-free

About the exhibition

This exhibition by the French artist (*1957 Toulon) provides a conclusion to a series of exhibitions that have been linked to East-Asian concepts of imagery. Corinne Laroche reduces the act of drawing to a minimum: the paper stores the act of drawing and represents experienced time almost without gestural action. For her, this process represents a meditative practice of emptying and filling. In this way, do points of coincidence occur or not? The French title, Point(s) de Hasard’ can signify both.

The Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin is showing more than 30 black and white, as well as coloured works, on paper by Corinne Laroche that were created between 2010 and 2018. The exhibition runs from 24 January until 12 April. Get to the point!

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