The motto 2016 ist: Museums and cultural landscape.

For kids and adults

International Museum Day

22. May 2016    12:00 — 18:00 


Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin
Nuernberger Str. 49
10789 Berlin

Museums and cultural landscape

The motto of the INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM DAY 2016 is „Museums and cultural landscape“. Again, the Hegenbarth Collection Berlin participates, this year with a two hours' programme for children and later with talking tours in English and German for our international visitors, with selected works by our eponymous artist on display. 

12:00—14:00 h:
Drawing sessions for children
"Paint your own Hegenbarth!"
All materials provided, free of charge.

14:00—18:00 h:
Talking tours in German and English
Biographical notes on Josef Hegenbarth and the story of this private institution, our artistic and educational programme, networks, projects, and cooperations with other institutions in Berlin and Germany.

No booking required.
Admission free, access barrierfree.

Mal dir deinen eigenen Hegenbarth, Foto: KSC, 2016
Gesprächsführung mit Katja Schöppe-Carstensen, Foto: Markus Stegner, 2014
Mal dir deinen eigenen Hegenbarth, Foto: KSC, 2016

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