The Exhibition

photo: Gabriela Volanti, Collage (Detail)

Exhibitions 2017


11. January — 11. February 2017


Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin
Nürnberger Straße 49
10789 Berlin

Opening hours:
Saturday 12—6 p.m.

Exhibitions 2017

The Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin commences the year 2017 with a small cabinet presentation of a portfolio comprising drawings and prints by 25 German artists, produced in 1947 in a high edition under the title PROLOG. It was conceived to mark a fresh start after the Nazi dictatorship in politics and art and to open the view into new, contemporary artistic movements in Germany. Like his fellow artists such as Karl Hartung, Bernhard Heiliger, Carl Hofer, Ernst-Wilhelm Nay, Georg Kolbe, Gerhard Marcks, Renée Sintenis also Josef Hegenbarth contributed to PROLOG.

Just recently, the[nbsp ]KUNSTHAUS DAHLEM  in the south of Berlin staged a documentary exhibition of this association of German and American artists, art lovers and historians like Will Grohmann and Carl Linfert. On Wednesday, 11 January 2017, 7 p.m., at the Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin, Dr. Dorothea Schöne, Director of Kunsthaus Dahlem, presents her dissertation „FREIE KÜNSTLER IN EINER FREIEN STADT“ (“Free Artists in a Free City”), published in German at de Gruyter, on the American support for the Berlin post-war modernism.

Simultaneously with PROLOG, the Berlin based artist Gabriela Volanti presents a joint procedure in drawing and text together with with Lidia Gasperoni, media philosopher and teacher at Technische Universität Berlin. Their first event takes place on Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 7 p.m.

Prolog I, portfolio of drawings and prints by 25 German artists, selected by a group of Germans and Americans in Berlin; No. 1: Carl Hofer, Berlin 1947
Prolog I (portfolio) 1947, No 3: Josef Hegenbarth, Im Kaffeehaus (In the Coffeehouse), 1946, brush drawing (reproduction, location of original unknown)
Prolog I (portfolio) 1947, No. 13: Hans Orlowski, Männerkopf/ Man's Head, undated, wood carving (original)
Prolog I (portfolio) 1947, No. 17: Karl Hartung, Phantastisches Gerippe (Phantastic Skeleton), 1946, lithograph (original)
Prolog I (portfolio) 1947, No. 17: Renée Sintenis, Der Fuchs (The Fox), undated, etching (original)

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