The Exhibition

top: Josef Hegenbarth, Der Affe als Mensch (Detail), um 1940, © SKD Kupferstichkabinett Dresden,
VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2016

bottom: Max Lingner, La Reine Margot (Detail), 1938, © Max-Lingner-Stiftung, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2016

Two at One Sweep! Literary illustrations by Josef Hegenbarth and Max Lingner

07. September — 17. December 2016


Hegenbarth Collection Berlin
Nuernberger Str. 49
10789 Berlin

After the exhibition of masterly pastel drawings by the contemporary Berlin artist Wolfram Erber, the Hegenbarth Collection Berlin returns to its eponymous artist. As from September 2016, selected illustrations by Josef Hegenbarth (1884—1962) and his colleague and fellow artist Max Lingner (1888—1959) will be presented in a dialogue. Both artists studied in one class at the Dresden Academy for a short period after 1908 and stayed in touch also later on. They both shared a special interest in literary illustrations and scenes of everyday life. Between 1928 and 1949, Lingner worked – with an astoundingly prolific output — mainly for communist newspapers and magazines in Paris. Hegenbarth, however, explored and developed his favourite themes on the doorstep of his beloved adopted residency in Dresden-Loschwitz which he rarely left. He found inspiration for a similarly abundant production on his long, daily walks, always on the lookout for motives. 

In cooperation with the Max-Lingner-Stiftung in Berlin-Niederschoenhausen, the Hegenbarth Collection Berlin opens a surprising view onto two related, yet rather distinct oeuvres and biographies. An extensive programme of events in both institutions will be published here shortly.

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