Whom the Bell Chimes / Song of the Bell (Vol.5)

Whom the Bell Chimes / Song of the Bell

Josef Hegenbarths Portfolio from 1922 to the eponymous verse by Friedrich von Schiller

First edition of all illustrations with the entire lyrics as well as a consideration of Hegenbarth's literary portfolios from the time of the Weimar Republic.

The Song of the Bell - in the luminous pictures of Josef Hegenbarth from 1922 to the poem by Friedrich Schiller this classic of German poetry sounds as a self-determined leitmotif of the artist at a turning point in art history. The accompanying consideration draws a connection between Schiller's basic ideas about the aesthetic education of man and the 'epic mixed technique', which Hegenbarth developed in painting and narrative style during the inter-war years as an essential feature of his art. With its unusual and unobtrusive typography, this handy band traces both Schiller's interwoven song composition and Hegenbarth's sometimes impetuous, partly symbolically charged drawings.
The overview of the secondary literature on Hegenbarth as well as the literary portfolios from 1916 to 1926, the fold-out list of illustrations and the rich picture appendix for the first time provide a vivid insight into Hegenbarth's early work.

96 pages, open thread stitching in Swiss brochure,
8-sided, stamped envelope
Format: 16 × 21,5 cm, 71 colored pictures

all Texts in German

Series of the Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin
Herrn Hegenbarths Entdeckungen, Vol.5
Publishers Jutta und Christopher Breu

ISBN 978-3-945970-05-8
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